Pastor Job Description

The pastor will use his preaching skills in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He shall provide pastoral care in meeting the needs of persons in Westside Baptist church and the community. He will provide administrative leadership for Westside Baptist Church.
Spiritual Shepherd:
The Pastor serves as the spiritual shepherd of Westside Baptist Church. He is primarily responsible for encouraging the spiritual life of the congregation through the pulpit ministry and pastoral leadership. He is the spiritual leader and overseer of the congregation.
Pastoral Minister:
The Pastor is responsible for the pastoral ministry of the church. He will seek information on the needs meriting pastoral response. He systematically visits the hospitals and nursing homes. He is available for counseling at the request of the church members. He seeks to inform the congregation of significant needs and concerns within the church family.
Administrative Leader:
The Pastor will work with the Deacon Body and the Personnel committee to provide administrative leadership for the total church program.
His first accountability is to God. He is also to work in prayerful unity with the Deacon Body and the membership of Westside Baptist Church.